The story behind Wingman

When you use a condom, it's during one of the most enjoyable activities in the world, right? And we want to make that very moment a lot more enjoyable. And completely safe, most of all. You want to put the condom on as smoothly as possible, with as little interruption as possible. Traditional condoms aren't going to help you do that.

We never realized that condoms had not evolved in 100 years. Yes, they've been made thinner, with ridges and flavors, but putting them on is still a hassle. Lights on, which side is up or down, dirty fingers from the lube, pff trying again - putting it on is an unwelcome interruption to your enjoyment. Furthermore, there are issues that you would not expect to arise so quickly, such as the risk of minor tears caused by your nails. Not particularly safe for something that is supposed to be so secure. Another thing to remember is that condoms that are put on incorrectly should be discarded right away. Did you know that 30% of condoms are used incorrectly, making them unsafe? You should not want a 30% chance of becoming pregnant or contracting an STD.

Wingman addresses exactly those basic condom issues. The handy clip ensures that the condom unrolls properly and is correctly applied. In this way, Wingman helps to make safe sex easier. Our one-of-a-kind design has been patented around the world and has even received the Golden IF Design Award. These are regarded as the Oscars of product design, a prestigious award that is normally only reserved for brands like Apple, Philips, and Porsche. That's quite impressive.

We are on the right track, but not quite where we want to be. Availability, the embarrassment of purchasing a condom at a store, making condom use negotiable, and much more. There are enough challenges, but with a great product, we will put our shoulders to the wheel.

You can easily order your Wingman online in our web shop, with which we make sure that you receive condoms when you want them easily. This way we are going to have more fun buying and using condoms together, and that's exactly what makes us all happier.