Use the pill or a condom?

We are often asked what contraceptive is best to use during sex. In this article we explain to you that just using the pill is not enough to prevent STDs. For this you need to use a reliable condom, for example the Wingman Condom.

The birth control pill

The pill is the most well-known contraceptive. However, it does not work for everyone. You may suffer from side effects or forget to take the pill often due to a hectic life. In addition, it is important to know that the pill does not protect against STDs. For this, it is best to use a condom.

Regarding contraception, there are many alternatives that can protect you from pregnancy. It varies from person to person which form suits you best. Find out what your lifestyle is, are you single or in a relationship, do your periods bother you or do you want to take in less hormones.The doctor can help you make a choice and then also write a prescription. Because except for condoms, all contraceptives go through your doctor.

If you want to read up on the options look here:

Is a condom a suitable alternative to the pill?

The condom protects you as the only contraceptive against the STDs and pregnancy. So the condom can be an excellent complement to the use of the pill or other contraception if you are not in a steady relationship, or one of you (still) has an STD.

A condom contains no hormones and does not affect your periods or fertility. You should use a condom with every lovemaking session to protect yourself. The advantage is that you can buy condoms at drugstores, supermarkets, most gas stations, online and they are not expensive. If you use a condom correctly, there is a 2% chance that things will still go wrong once.

Wingman is specially designed for an extra safe and better sex experience. There are handy little wings around your Wingman that allow you to put the condom on easily, quickly and correctly, without touching it. And because you don't touch your condom, the transmission of STDs is lower than with traditional condoms.