Real. Easy.

Taking the hassle out of the hussle.

Test it yourself for free!

Do like 95% Wingman users, who never want anything else! Wingman is a revolutionary condom. Because Wingman comes in an easy-to-open package, with clip, application can't go wrong.

How? Well, in the dark, you can feel through the logo on the clip what the top is, you no longer have to hold the spout and all this can easily be done with 1 hand.

Order a free test pack of 2 Wingman condoms (only € 1,60 shipping) and experience it for yourself! That's easy! Just so Real. Easy.

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That's why the Wingman is so easy

Take the Wingman by the wings. On the clip is the W logo. This is the top. This allows you to recognize what is top and bottom even in the dark.

The reservoir (spout) is cleverly encased by the clip, so you don't have to squeeze it shut anymore either. So now you can easily unroll the Wingman with one hand and then remove the clip.

No interruption and stay in the flow! Nice and easy!