Erection Problems Due to Condoms

A common complaint is that men lose their erection as soon as a condom comes into the picture or is used during sex. Many studies show that it is not the wafer-thin layer of latex that causes erection problems, but losing focus on sex and the partner. We have 9 tips for you to make sure you can maintain your erection during sex.

9 Tips for a better erection

There are many causes of erection problems. From mental health, to nutrition and your own or your partner's behavior. Try to figure out for yourself what it might be for you and see what tips might work for you.

  • Good foreplay: Take time for foreplay, this is very
    enjoyable for both partners. For example, choose to indulge your partner with your hands
    and/or mouth. Letting your partner enjoy yourself is also very arousing for you and
    takes the pressure off of having to be stiff.
  • Healthy lifestyle: No stress, plenty of exercise and eating healthy
    are very important for a healthy libido including erection. Bad for
    your erection include smoking and eating a lot of sugar.
  • Foods for a better erection: Bananas, nuts, salmon, coffee, red
    wine, garlic and red peppers. These foods have a positive
    influence on blood flow and testosterone levels. Everything in moderation, of course,
    especially the coffee and wine.
  • Extra stimulation: There are ways to add extra stimulation to the penis or brain
    such as vibrating toys, cock rings and erotic movies.
    These are resources that can be used with the partner. Note that if you watch a lot
    and/or hard porn, you may become desensitized to "regular" sex and
    become less quickly and well aroused as a result.
  • Poses: The best positions for maintaining erection during sex
    are the 'missionary position' and 'doggy style'. In these, blood flow to
    your penis is better than, for example, a position where the woman is on top of you.
  • Practicing during erection: Practicing to maintain an erection can be done
    by masturbating and stopping for a moment each time, letting the penis become flaccid
    and starting again. Focus on the excited feeling. You will learn to
    gain control over getting and maintaining an erection this way.
  • Choosing the right condom: If you lose your erection during sex
    with a condom because it is too loose, too tight, or doesn't make you feel enough
    , try a different size and/or a different brand/type. Many studies
    have already shown that with a properly fitting condom, the feeling is almost not
    different than without one. Read more about how to determine your condom size here.
  • Be honest about what you like: If your partner does something
    you don't like or that makes you feel uncomfortable, it can cause
    you to lose your erection. Conversely, if you make it very clear to your partner
    what you like, they will be much better able to
    maintain your erection.
  • Practicing putting on a condom: If you lose your erection when putting on a condom
    it is a good idea to practice it. The faster and easier
    you get the condom on, the less it will distract you.

Preventing Erection Problems with a Wingman Condom

It's the main reason Wingman was designed - to take away that moment of distraction. You can apply a Wingman faster and easier, with one hand, without looking or having to turn on the light. The "wings" on the Wingman Condom allow you to put the condom on in one motion. In addition, the Wingman Condom is thin, flexible and soft making sex feel as natural as possible.

We hope our tips are helpful. If nothing helps, you should visit your doctor. They can help you discover the cause and find the right solution.