Burning Rubber

Finally an innovation in condoms: after some practice you can put on the Wingman with one hand. Marith Iedema was the first to try it out. And? A breath of fresh air.


You are in bed with - uhm shit???? what's her name? She kisses you eagerly. Genitals rub each other. She whispers in your ear that it's time for the next step. Just what you want to hear. But wise as you are, you don't mull putting your young lord unprotected into this strange vagina. You let go of your sex partner to be, and grope beside you in the semi-darkness in search of a condom. On your bedside table, there had to be one of those bitches, right? Ah there. You rip open the cover, while the woman watches your fingers. A little nervously you peel out the slippery thing and carefully put it over your now half flaccid cock with 2 hands. Your case knows from experience, this way is less fun. So, where were we left off. The passion-filled moment from a moment ago is gone, and it takes the greatest of effort to recover. Condoms suck. That's the opinion of just about everyone I know, myself included. Research may show that men feel the same way with or without them.

Friend N is sure, he feels less anyway. Isn't it between your ears then? I ask. Could well be. It doesn't change his perception much. Condoms ruin the moment, feel unpleasant, and aren't even a hundred percent safe. Snorts he. The chance of the thing tearing is indeed always there. After all, you also put it on in the dark, and a tiny hook on your nail can mean the end of your story.

Renouncing the contraceptive for these reasons is not the solution. Friend C came to that conclusion yet again. After a night of sex with someone she met at the Bubbels in Amsterdam (a formula for misery) she was found to have not one, but two STIs. Genital warts (like herpes, chronic) and chlamydia. 'If only I had...' she'll think for the rest of her life, every time her resistance fails, and her crotch looks a bit like the ceiling of a cave filled with stalactites.

There must be a better way

It remains a choice of two evils, either the quality of sex deteriorates, or you risk nasty diseases (and perhaps worse, pregnancy) is there no alternative? No, though. You won't get out from under that condom. But, there is hope, a glimmer then. Gigolo Bas, a male high-class escort, handed me a wingman after an interview appointment. A condom brand founded by two students from Delft University of Technology. After countless bad experiences with mega ? breaks. Apparently, studying at TU does not necessarily mean not having sex. Thought they, this should be able to do better. They thought it was ridiculous that no human had come up with a user-friendly version of the condom in all these years. (All smelling and flavoring condoms aside for a moment. Because whoever is responsible for that - a clown condom? wtf, should be deeply ashamed and distance themselves from anything to do with sex in the future) The TUers are developing a product that purports to be easier to handle than the familiar condom. The name Wingman refers to the wings on either side of the condom, which you pull off once it's in place. This allows you to apply the condom with one hand in two seconds, if the makers are to be believed. Big-time user gigolo Bas can't live without it anymore. The women he does it with for about 300 euros an hour are often bloody nervous, which previously made the "condom moment" uncomfortable. While Bas provided himself with a rubber, the women lay on their backs napping. Intensely painfully aware of the situation. Since the wingman, he is able to put on a condom with one hand without his clients noticing. Leaving his other hand free to do what he is paid to do.

Practice makes perfect

Enthused by Bas' words of praise, I handed out "Wingmans" to my condom-hating friends. Their experience showed that it is an illusion to think that from moment one you will be able to smoothly - a la Gigolo Bas - apply a Wingman with one hand. That requires some practice. Once you master the trick, putting on the condom is indeed lightning fast. What N. especially likes about Wingman is that the condom is extra thin, which makes him think he feels more. Wingman can afford that because you don't touch the condom with your hands, reducing the risk of tearing (diseases and children). Of course, I couldn't be left behind and also went on a Wingman myself. What I found a relief with this 2.0 version of the condom is that, unlike many other brands, it is not as if you are having sex in a basement where a kinky party is going on and the rubber smell is so penetrating that you almost go flat. So definitely worth a try.

What kind of birth control you can use depends on whether you are breastfeeding or not. The easiest choice is aWingman. No hormones, no side effects and easy to obtain. Extra nice is that it also helps prevent any infections, which you are more susceptible to than usual with a sensitive uterus. There may still be scars or wounds. Using a condom keeps these from coming into contact with your partner's fluids and reduces the risk of infection.